Easy summer bunting sewing project for colourful garden party decor

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Ok, I know it doesn't feel particularly summery in the UK right now. But we might have that one day of heatwave, and we need to be prepared to make the most of it!

This summer bunting is a really quick and easy little project to do on a rainy day. Make yourself a cup of tea, light a nice candle, and settle in for some sewing. Stopping to make something is a great way to practice some mindfulness and get away from screens for a while.

And what could be better for boosting your mood than some super colourful bunting to adorn your home?!

If you want to skip the sewing, I do sell these readymade too! But if you have one of my bunting sewing projects, the first step is to cut around all of the printed shapes.

If you're making some with your own fabric, you will need to draw a template of the shape you would like (I went for a cute scallop shape), and cut out 12 pieces from your fabric.

The kit has 2 of each pattern so that the bunting will look the same from both sides.

Place 2 matching pieces together with the patterns facing, and pin in place.


Sew around the sides and curve with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving the straight edge open. If it is easier, you can mark the seam allowance on using a fabric pen or chalk to guide you.

Next, clip notches into the curves, not too close to the seam. This will help to make the curve smooth when it is turned through. Trim the seams at an angle on the top corners too, as this will make it less bulky.

Press the seams open with an iron, then turn them all through the right way. It helps to have something pointy like a knitting needle to run around the inside of the curve to make it smooth.

Get the iron again, and press all of the panels nice and flat. You will now have 6 finished bunting panels in different prints.

Trim and tuck any threads inside. Then get a piece of bias binding 1.5m long. The bunting sewing kit comes with white cotton bias binding. Iron it in half lengthways.

Now all you need to do is sandwich your bunting panels inside the folded binding tape and pin or clip in place. You can space them out as much as you like. Start in the middle and work your way to each side so that it is even. I made mine with just a small gap of about 1cm.

Tuck each end of the bias binding inside itself then stitch all along the length to fix all the pieces in place, and you're done!


You can tie the bunting up with bows at either end. Or if you like, fold the ends and stitch in place to make hanging loops.

And that's it! Hang it up in your garden for some colourful summer decor. Perfect for outdoor meals or parties. Or use it inside when the weather isn't so good, to bring a bit of sunshine into your home.

Just don't leave it outside all the time, as it may get damaged by rain and too much sun.

If you make one of my kits, I'd love to see it! Tag me in your bunting photos and videos on instagram.

Buy a bunting sewing project here

Check out the video I made showing the whole making process here

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