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Events and markets 2019

BS3 Community Art Fair

(TBC) Saturday 11th May

  • Pippa at Chimps Tea Party

How to have a Midsummer mini celebration

The unpredictable British weather meant that we had to celebrate Midsummer's Day a day late. But it was worth waiting so that we could sit outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Our mini midsummer party for 2 (and a dog)

Why should I celebrate Midsummer's Day?

It's not really celebrated in the UK for some reason, but I just love the idea of it and started making it a special day in our house a few years ago. Hopefully I can inspire you to add it to your own traditions.

Midsummer's Day is celebrated in various ways across the world. It started as a pagan festival to welcome in summer after the Solstice, which is the longest day of the year. There are bonfires to ward off evil spirits, singing and dancing around maypoles, flowers and lots of food.

Mainly, I like the excuse to enjoy some evening sunshine in the garden while eating cake. What's not to like? And this can only be improved by adding flower crowns!

This year we were on holiday in Devon, so couldn't celebrate it in our little Bristol garden. Despite the decorations having to be kept to a minimum, we still managed to make ourselves a mini Midsummer party.

Just tell me about the cake!

I love cake. So any excuse to make one, I'm there. This one filled with strawberries and cream is a perfect celebration of all things summer. I used the recipe for Swedish Summer Cake from Nigella's Kitchen. It's no longer on her website, but you can find the recipe here.

I added a few raspberries to the strawberries for a bit of variety, and made it even more summery by mixing some elderflower cordial into the cream. Also, because I'm lazy, I used ready made vanilla custard. Don't tell Nigella. It's a messy looking cake (I tried my best), but it was definitely yummy!

I challenge you to try and make this cake look tidy. It's not possible.

To drink I just put some of the elderflower cordial in prosecco with some squished strawberries. Another drink I make in the summer is blended watermelon with lime juice, rum, and sugar syrup (if needed). You could even freeze the watermelon first to make it into a slushy! This is also delicious without the rum, for a non-alcoholic version.

Elderflower everywhere!

Decorations and Flower Crowns

You can go crazy with the floral decorations and accessories. Elderflower makes me think of summer, so I added sprigs of it that I picked in the morning to the cake and drinks. I even made some into a flower crown for my dog - it had to be done.

I made it exactly like a daisy chain, by cutting a little hole in each stem then threading the next stem through it until it was big enough to make a loop. He wasn't happy so it didn't last long. But he looked fantastic! Like some kind of gremlin god.

There are so many tutorials online to make your own (human) flower crown. This one made out of paper is particularly beautiful and a bit different.

What a beauty! This stayed on his head for approx. 2 seconds

Decoration wise, I couldn't take much with me. Which meant no bunting unfortunately. But we still made sure to dress the table properly. The illustrations on these placemats and table runner were inspired by Midsummer's day and summer garden parties. The pattern design is a celebration of summer, magical fairytales and the beauty of the natural world. You can find them in my Chimps Tea Party shop if you want a closer look.

They are all designed and handmade by me, Pippa.

I love these long summer evenings

Midsummer is the perfect excuse to spend some time outside, get dressed up, and enjoy some extra special food. I hope I've inspired you to have your own mini Midsummer Party! Check out my dedicated Pinterest Board for more ideas.