I’m Pippa, a pattern loving paper artist based in Bristol in the UK.

If you would like to license my illustrations or patterns designs, or work with me, please contact me here or email me at

I would love to license existing designs or make custom work if you have something specific in mind.

My designs are fun, colourful, quirky, and nostalgic, with an emphasis on enjoying the simple things in life. In an increasingly digital world, I want to celebrate art made by hand (and scissors) with unique personality and texture.

After getting an idea, my technique is to just start cutting coloured paper with scissors and see where it takes me! The paper cut collages are then scanned into photoshop, I make any adjustments needed to the colours so they are just what I want, then make them into repeat patterns or illustrations.
My work is mainly inspired by the things I love - nature, food and vintage treasures with a bit of humour thrown in. I love to tell a story in my designs, and get most of my inspiration from photography, watching old movies or looking through vintage books - 1950's cookbooks are a particular obsession!