5 steps to staycation perfection this bank holiday


I can't believe we've already reached the August bank holiday!  How did that happen?! I would normally have made plans to go and stay somewhere or visit family.  But the old corona has put a stop to all that, so I thought I'd recreate a holiday in my own house.  This is your chance to properly relax and indulge yourself without worrying about routines and normality.  Catch up on the reading you've been neglecting, treat yourself, or just do nothing.  And the bonus is, no travelling involved!

Read on for 5 simple steps to holiday at home...


1. Pack your suitcase.  Pretend you're actually going away for the weekend, and pick out your most tropical outfits to wear.  You will only be using what you've packed, so get planning your favourite looks.  And don't forget your sunglasses and plenty of books and magazines to read while you're 'away'.


2. You've got to have a cocktail on arrival, and the fruitier the better.  I love to blend up tropical fruit like watermelon and make that into a drink with rum and lime juice.  Pour it into your fanciest glass and go all out with the garnishes.  Even better to drink it out of a pineapple or coconut.  We got some delicious ready made made fresh cocktails from Hoxton and Grey.  This is a mango daiquiri.  Yum!


3. Now that you've had your welcome drink, take your bags up to your room.  If you have a spare room, why not sleep in there for the weekend so that it feels like you're somewhere different!  If not, just change the bedding and clear your bedside tables.  Maybe put some flowers out or chocolates on the pillows and a homemade 'do not disturb' sign on the door.


4. Are you ready to be a tourist in your own town?  Grab your camera and explore.  Walk without having a destination in mind, and take the time to notice all the things you usually walk straight past.  You can get various apps for your phone that act like retro disposable camera's if you want a more authentic look for your pics.  I've got one called KOD Cam that turns your phone into an old style camera with a tiny viewfinder you can't really see through.  And if you want to make videos, the 8mm app is a lot of fun.  Challenge yourself to take a whole 'roll' of film when you're out.  It's a great way to make you stop and slow down.  Or you could even just take photos in your house or garden if you don't feel like going out.


5. Finally, you're back at the 'hotel' and just want to relax by the pool for a while before dinner.  If you've got a garden, get a paddling pool and put on your swimming costume and get in and relax (I hope you remembered to pack it!).  This helps if it's nice weather.  But if it's not, you could go for a spa treatment in the bath instead if you prefer.  Fill it with bubbles, put on a face mask and get your robe and slippers ready.  You'll be ready for a takeaway in your room when you get out.  


I hope I've inspired you to have a bit of fun this weekend!  I'm off to sit in the paddling pool with a cocktail.  

And if you want some colourful things to make your home look like you're on holiday, check out my tropical home edit here.

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