Autumn picnic in the woods


I love getting out and exploring nature in the autumn, when all the leaves are changing colour and you can wrap up warm.  And it's also the perfect time for a picnic.  I went for a weekend walk in Ashton Hill woods in Bristol, which has a beautiful plantation of Redwood trees.



You're probably not going to sit for that long as it's getting a bit chilly now.  So pack a small basket or a back pack with a picnic blanket and some snacks to carry with you on your walk.  A flask of soup and some sandwiches makes a nice lunch.  Or go for an afternoon tea vibe and take some pastries or doughnuts and fill your flask with hot chocolate instead.


There's no better way to stop for a minute and appreciate nature, instead of just walking on by.  We are always so busy and usually only walk to get somewhere, so it's a great way to be mindful and live in the moment.  And you could collect some acorns, conkers or orange leaves to take back with you to decorate your home too.



It's a lovely way to spend a Sunday instead of our usual Netflix marathon.  I made sure to take some snacks for my dog too!

Have a look at my mini picnic blanket designs here.  They're the perfect size to chuck in your bag for a little sit down when you're tired from exploring.


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