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I created this fat quarter sewing project for a Spoonflower design challenge.  The sew your own Christmas wreath is inspired by mid century colours and designs, and will fill your home with colour!  It is decorated with an explosion of multicoloured  confetti shapes, and matches my new Christmas collection of homewares.

The project is quick and easy to make, and would make a nice Christmas activity to do at the weekend with a hot chocolate and a mince pie.


The instructions are printed on the design, but I thought I'd go through it here with photos too.

You will need:

  • One fat quarter of my design from Spoonflower printed on the fabric of your choice.  I've used the linen cotton canvas, as I love the natural look it has.
  • A piece of ribbon, roughly 15cm long
  • Stuffing - toy stuffing will work well, or use up all your fabric scraps!
  • Thread, pins, scissors


First, cut out all the pieces.  The white part of the design is the seam allowance, so you'll be sewing along the edge of the green part.

Pin the 2 front pieces together with the coloured sides facing each other, and sew together at '1'.  Do the same for the 2 back pieces, and sew together at '2'.  Press the seams open so that they lie flat.  The other sides stay open for now.


Now put the front and back pieces together with the right sides facing and pin.  Fold your ribbon in half and put it in between the layers at the pink line, with the cut ends lining up with the outer edge of the fabric circle.  Make sure the loop is tucked inside so that you don't sew over it when you sew round the inner curve.  (This will be your hanging loop)

Sew around the outside and inside curves of the circle.  Snip into the curves all the way around, making sure you don't go too close to where you stitched.


Turn it through so that the print is on the outside.  Now it's time to stuff your wreath!  I've made it eco friendly by using up all the little scraps of fabric from my sewing bin, but you could use toy stuffing if you want a smoother shape.


All that's left to do is to hand stitch the open ends together all the way round, folding the seam allowance inside.


And ta da!  You now have a colourful Christmas wreath to adorn your wall, that you can keep and get out every year.  Just keep it indoors! 


Why not try adding some extra decorations to it, to make it completely unique.  You could add some colourful pom poms or make a big felt bow to attach to the ribbon at the top!

If you make one, I'd love to see it.  Tag me on Instagram @chimpsteaparty

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