Making collage designs for my fabric prints on Spoonflower



Calling all pattern lovers and crafters!  My designs are now available to buy as fabric, wallpaper and some homewares on Spoonflower.  

I've spent the last few weeks building up a collection of pretty patterns for you to make your own projects out of.  Have a look at my Spoonflower shop here!

They are inspired by nature, colour and food, and have a retro and vintage aesthetic.  All the things I love!

My designs are made using a mix of coloured paper and photographs taken by me.  They're cut with scissors and glued together, giving them a textural, physical appearance.  I never draw anything first - just go straight in with the scissors!


I usually use only photos for my work, but recently I've really enjoyed the freedom of using coloured bits of paper too.  I love how this 1960's inspired floral print has turned out, and can picture it on some retro deckchairs!


Dreaming of summer deckchairs led me to make this cute little pink retro caravan.  Complete with flamingos outside, for some true 1950's kitsch.  And I ended up using my floral print for the curtain in the window.  So these 2 patterns would coordinate really nicely together.


I'd love to see if you make something from my designs, so tag me in your pics on Instagram @chimpsteaparty 

Happy making!

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