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As we are still in lockdown in the UK, here's another blog post in my stay at home series!  Valentine's Day can be just as special, if not more special when you spend it at home.  You don't have to pay extra for your meal, sit next to lots of other couples, or feel bad if you just want to stay in eating cookies and watching tv by yourself.  I've put together some ideas for special things to do if you're in relationship, treating yourself, or having fun with your friends on zoom.

I've also made a Valentine's collection in my shop which you can browse here if you need a card or gift.

Cocktail Night


Pretend you're out in a fancy bar and whip up some special cocktails for you and your partner.  You could also share a list of cocktails with your friends, and all make them while having a zoom party.


The cocktails have got to be red or pink for valentine's right? I decided to make a raspberry daiquiri/mojito type thing as they're my favourite kind of drinks and they're easy too.


There's a full raspberry mojito recipe here if you prefer not to ad lib.

To make 2 small glasses, I just squashed a handful of frozen raspberries in the cocktail shaker (you can get a bag full from Sainsbury's).  Next, i added the juice of 2 limes, a shot of rum and a drizzle of sugar syrup to taste.  Shake it all together, pour into glasses, then top up with tonic.  A sprig of mint would have been a nice addition, but I don't have any and it's lockdown!

The rum I used is Pineapple rum from this Wester Distillery.


I made some cute little decorations for the glasses to add an extra Valentine's Day touch.  Start by cutting out 2 heart shapes from red paper and 2 from gold paper, then tape a cocktail stick to one of each colour.  Next, glue the other heart on top of the cocktail stick so that it's sealed inside.  Then add to your drink!  These would also look great stuck in the top of some cupcakes.


See my cocktail trays, chopping boards and wall hangings here.

Romantic Meal

I'm sure we all miss going to a nice restaurant by now, but making a little extra effort can make a meal at home feel just as special.

Taking the time to make the table look pretty can make it feel much more like an occasion instead of just another night.  I like doing this at weekends sometimes, just to make them feel a but different.  And it doesn't have to take much time.  It feels like such a treat to do this for a weekend breakfast too!


Put out a fancy tablecloth or some colourful placemats, get your best cutlery and glasses out, a vase of cheap flowers and light some candles.  

You could plan a special meal to cook, or support one of your local restaurants and get a takeaway.  We have booked a meal to heat up at home from Root in Bristol.  Their food is delicious, and I love how the dishes are always things I wouldn't think to order and wouldn't be able to cook myself.  If you're local, check them out.


You can see my range of tableware here.

Treat Yourself

Why should Valentine's Day all be about treating other people?  You deserve it too!  Use it as a chance to have some alone time and relax.


You could turn your bathroom into a spa for the day by running a bath and lighting lots of candles.  Put a do not disturb sign on the door and gather your favourite magazines or a book.

Or get under a blanket, load up a snack tray and grab the remote for a Netflix marathon.  This is all about treating yourself, so Valentine's themed snacks are the way to go!  I made some huge chocolate chip cookies then just mixed up some bright pink icing to decorate them with.  To make the heart shapes, I made the icing thick then just spread it on with a small spoon.  You can neaten up the edges with a damp finger, and the top will smooth over by itself when it sets.  Sprinkles make them even cuter!  The food colouring is from The Shire Bakery and is really really bright. 


Drinks wise, I went for a really chocolatey hot chocolate as it always feels like a luxury.  It's got to be made with real chocolate!  You could make it extra special by adding a cheeky drop of cherry brandy or amaretto.  Yum.

And remember, this isn't just your average day on the sofa.  A little vase with a flower in it will make it a bit extra!


I hope you've enjoyed my blog post.  Have a happy Valentine's Day whatever you end up doing!  If you try any of these ideas, I'd love it if you tag me on instagram.

If you'd like more inspiration, check out my dedicated Pinterest board here.  It's full of recipes, cocktails and decoration ideas.

Or if you fancy creating your own movie night at home, I've got a blog post on that with lots of ideas and free downloads.  Read it here



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